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San Diego’s Choice for Windows and Sliding Glass Doors

A Comprehensive Collection of Windows for Any Need

Windows are an integral part of any home, offering views, aesthetic value, light and ventilation. Our technicians take pride in being able to provide the optimal window for any situation. Whether it’s a retrofit job or new construction, we are able to do the job correctly. We offer a wide variety of retrofit windows, new construction, insulated units and much more.
Living Room Window

New Technology and Energy-Efficient Solutions

Advances in window technology have turned windows from a heating/cooling weak point into a critical asset in the pursuit of energy-efficient construction. Installing the correct windows into the correct spaces has been shown to drastically lower heating and cooling costs. High-performance windows not only fulfill the traditional roles of windows (light, views and fresh air), but can be active, positive contributors to the temperature of your home in every season. The right windows can decrease heat gain in a home during the summer, decrease heat loss in the winter and may even provide heat during the winter.

Sliding Glass: A Versatile Addition to Any Home

Sliding glass doors are an excellent, space-efficient option for joining your house and your patio. These sliding doors are formed by one horizontal panel sliding into a stationary one, eliminating any loss of space that occurs when a traditional door swings inward or outward.
In addition to their unique structural design, these glass doors offer a fantastic wide-angle view. It’s almost like bringing the outdoors inside, all the while keeping you out of the elements. At Pacific Glass & Mirror Inc., we provide ourselves on installing hassle-free sliding glass doors with smooth operation and dependability, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the benefits of these doors instead of worrying about them.