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Professional Mirror Services in San Diego

Everyone loves a spacious home full of light, and mirrors are a fantastic way to facilitate that. Mirrors can be a critical component of nearly every room in the house, adding a singular effect wherever they are found.

Mirrors in the Home

We take pride in our ability to provide that feeling to our customers’ homes by offering plenty of customization options to ensure the right fit and feel. Whether you are looking to install a mirror that spans the width of an entire wall, a smaller looking glass or anything in between, we are able to provide the perfect piece for you and your home.
Our flexible customization options are a fantastic way to fill that empty space on the wall or replace another decoration entirely for a fresh take on a room’s physical space. Adding mirrors to a room contributes an element that truly can’t be reproduced by any other means — enhancing both the height and light in any given space.

Mirror Customization Options

Our mirrors are available in ⅛”, 3/16”, and ¼” thicknesses in clear or colored options. We offer a standard flat polish or a beveled edge. We are also able to cut custom shapes and patterns in ½”, 1” and 1 ½” mirrors.

Mirror Wardrobe Doors

Mirror wardrobe doors are another popular offering, providing an attractive and functional enclosure. We are able to install sliding panels in a 1- to 3-track system, offering an impressive amount of flexibility for nearly any closet opening. Mirror wardrobe doors are an especially effective way to transform any bedroom in your home, giving even the smallest of quarters a spacious and open feeling.

Finding the Perfect Mirror

Our friendly staff can help you find a mirror that can open and beautify any room. What are you waiting for?