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Using Glass and Mirrors in Your Furnished Rental Property

Small Bathroom With Glass Shower Enclosure

Sometimes property owners think they should have only the lowest-cost items in their rental property. While you might not want the most luxurious items in a home you rent out, you still want to attract the best renters with a beautiful property. What's more, materials such as glass are durable and easy to clean. Look into using glass and mirrors in your rental's furnishings.

Glass Shower Door or Enclosure

Sometimes, landlords install the standard shower and tub combination, hang a shower curtain, and call the bathing area done. However, shower curtains get moldy quickly. If yours is a short-term rental, you may find yourself cleaning the shower curtain regularly. Long-term renters might neglect the curtain.

Instead, consider installing a glass shower door. Look for one with a durable frame so it can withstand the rigors of renters' use. Sliding-glass varieties work well because they feature a sturdy frame in which the glass doors slide. Choose a similarly sturdy handle for the door.

If space is at a premium, consider omitting the bathtub and installing a walk-in shower. You can tuck such a shower into almost any corner where plumbing permits. Because the shower takes up less space, the bathroom will look and feel larger. A glass shower enclosure is typical for such installations. As a boon, the glass reflects light, making the bathroom appear even bigger.

One of the benefits of glass for the door or whole enclosure is it's easy to clean. Even if a renter has left soap scum on the surface, you can use a gentle cleaner to remove it.

Entryway Mirror

One of the most popular placements for a mirror is in the entryway. Such a mirror is very useful because people leaving the house for the day can check out their appearance one last time. Likewise, guests entering the house can check how they appear for the upcoming event.

Such mirror placement also makes good design sense. You can use the mirror to reflect light into what might otherwise be a dim area, especially if yours is a rental apartment. You can also place the mirror so it makes the space look bigger, say by reflecting a nearby hallway. Consider choosing a simple custom-cut mirror to fit your specific entryway area.

Mantle Mirror

Renters often love to see a fireplace in a property. They may never use it, but they'd like to imagine themselves enjoying the fire on a cool night or a romantic evening. The area above the fireplace can be troublesome in a rental property, though. Homeowners often use artwork or a television to fill the space. Neither of those might be appropriate for a rental property, though.

So, consider filling the space with another classic - a mirror. You don't want one that's too stylized because your tastes and your potential renters' might be different, which is important in the case of longerterm renters. So, as with the entryway mirror, consider fitting a custom-cut mirror in your space. You could add a little style in your choice of edging for the mirror.

Glass Backsplash

The unfortunate truth is that renters often don't take as good care of a property as an owner does. This disparity comes through especially in the kitchen. Tile work can take a beating, especially in the event of splashing - say of concentrated tomato sauce or red wine. If left too long, such high-color foods can stain grouting.

To that end, consider replacing a tile backsplash with a glass one. Glass is so much easier to clean. It's also impermeable, so even if a high-color food sits on the surface for a long time, it won't stain. You can paint a clear glass sheet on the back to add a little color to the kitchen. If you want to add patterning, back the glass with a cute wallpaper or poster.

Make your rental property attractive to even the pickiest of renters with well-utilized glass and mirrors. When you're ready to update your rental property, contact Pacific Glass & Mirror, Inc.