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Transform Your Backyard With Glass

Glass Patio
Living in Southern California offers a variety of benefits, but one clear advantage is the fact that you get to enjoy the outdoor spaces of your home all year long. Are you doing everything to maximize your time outside?
Patios, decks, and porches aren't just separate areas, but instead, they are an extension of your home and living space. Learn some of the remarkable ways you can incorporate glass into these areas to maximize your time outside and the overall appeal of your home.
Custom Patio Table
If you headed to a big-box store to find a new patio table, you were probably unimpressed with the fact that all the table options looked exactly like the table your neighbor, best friend, and coworker has.
Spruce up your backyard and let your personality shine with a custom glass table top you can easily install on any type of table base you like to create a truly one-of-a-kind look.
If you're concerned with durability, don't be. Glass table tops are available in a range of different thickness options for you to choose from to increase their durability. The designer will take into account the type of support system designed for the glass to determine what level of thickness is required.
Being a pool owner is one part fun and one part responsibility. To ensure the pool is safe, you need to put some type of barrier up around the pool to keep small children and pets away from the water.
If you don't want to install a wood, metal, or other intrusive structure around the pool, a glass railing is just as helpful, and its clear design makes it nearly invisible.
The clear design isn't just as appealing in terms of its appearance. If you're in another part of the yard, you can easily see the entire surface of the pool and the occupants inside, which increases both appeal and safety.
Deck and Patio Covers
The San Diego climate doesn't see much in terms of rainfall, but the same can't be said when it comes to sunshine. A bright sunny day is an invitation for spending time outside, but when you're sitting on your deck or patio, the sun beaming down on you can create an uncomfortable experience.
A glass deck or patio cover adds protection from the sun, while also adding more style to your home's design. Depending on your style wishes, you can have a cover designed with a metal or wood frame and a heat blocking glass option, such as frosted glass, window film or low-E argon gas windows.
Each glass selection blocks heat while still keeping the light flowing through.
If you enjoy spending time outside just as much as you do indoors, invest in glass doors. If you have traditional sliding doors to access your patio or deck area, you can replace these options with wall-to-floor glass panels that function as windows and doors, often called pivoting doors.
Pivoting doors can be designed to open and close like a standard door or in an accordion type of style, where you fold the panels. Even when you don't want to head outside, you can open the panels to let the fresh air from outside, inside your home.  
Glass is such a versatile material that the many in ways in which you can incorporate it into your home are far more numerous than the options listed here. A design and installation professional at Pacific Glass & Mirror, Inc. can help you discover all the different ways you can incorporate glass into your outdoor areas. Contact us so that we can get started today.