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Tips for Keeping Your Glass Clean

Sliding Glass Door
If you have gorgeous new windows or a sliding glass door, the sun often shines in brilliantly, beautifully lighting and warming your space. Or maybe you marvel at how sparkling and clean your new glass shower or bath enclosure looks without a single spot on it. While this is enjoyable now, be prepared - because glass gets dirty.
Luckily, you can use a few tricks to keep your glass clean and shiny without a lot of hard work. Read on for some tips to keep your new glass clean.

Shower and Bath Enclosures

You have unique challenges for bathroom glass because of soap scum and hard water stains. If your glass is new, however, you can do a few things to prevent or at least slow these hard-to-remove marks on glass.
The easiest thing to do is keep a squeegee in the shower. Use it to remove water from the glass doors or enclosure after every shower. Then give the door or enclosure a quick wipe down with a soft towel to prevent water spots from appearing.
Also, look at what products you use in the shower. Consider switching from bar soap to liquid soap. Doing so can help slow spots developing on glass shower enclosures.
If spots have already appeared on your glass, the time is perfect for a deeper clean. Combine warm vinegar with grease-fighting dish soap, and use this mixture to clean spots off your bathroom glass.
If your shower floor is made of stone, however, do not use this concoction. Vinegar can damage the stone over time. Instead, combine baking soda with grease-fighting dish soap. Mix the two household items until the mix looks like cake frosting, and then use a non-abrasive sponge to apply the mix to the glass. Rinse the homemade cleaner off, and your glass will be clean and sparkling. 
If you like using natural ingredients when you clean, bring a lemon into the bathroom with you. Cut it in half and coat the inside of one-half of the lemon with baking soda. You will see a foam bubble up as the citrus and baking soda combine. Rub the lemon on your glass shower enclosure, and say goodbye to streaks.


Dig into your window cleaning with these tips, and focus on how beautiful your windows will look when you are done.
Rubbing a window with a spray cleaner and newspaper, which is a classic recommendation, will just smear dirt around the glass. It also will create a static charge. In the end, that charge will just attract more dirt particles. Do not do all that work for nothing.
Instead, for picture windows or sliding glass doors, use a long strip applicator. It looks a lot like a squeegee but has a cloth head rather than a rubber one. Dip it in a bucket full of warm water mixed with dish soap, and use it to wash that glass. Follow up with a squeegee to remove the excess water. Finally, dry the last few drips with a chamois, which will dry the windows without leaving streaks or lint behind. 
For paned glass, follow a similar process, but with smaller tools. Instead of a strip applicator, dip a natural sponge into a bucket of warm soapy water. Then remove excess water drips with a squeegee that fits within the panes of your windows.  
If your windows need replaced, or if you want to install a shower or bath enclosure in your bathroom, contact Pacific Glass & Mirror Inc. to discuss your needs. We welcome any of your questions, concerns, or comments and do our best to answer them.