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How to Decorate With Mirrors When Staging Your Home

Round mirrors hanging on the wall
Mirrors make beautiful decorations in the home. For homeowners who want to sell their property, mirrors can be used to dress up a wall, make a room look more spacious, and decorate areas that are otherwise bare. These tips can help you use mirrors to decorate your home before listing your house for sale. 

Make Space With Oversized Floor Mirrors

An oversized floor mirror can help create the illusion of space, as if the floor mirror was a doorway into another room in the home. Floor mirrors can also take attention away from undesirable characteristics, like a room's small dimensions.
Decorate your small spaces with an over-sized floor mirror that has been leaned against the wall. Your mirror may seem secure, but take steps to prevent someone from pulling the mirror down on themselves. Use furniture straps to strap the mirror to the wall, even if you don't have children. Potential buyers may bring their children to come see your home, and you'll want to protect anyone who enters your home from being injured. 

Decorate Bare Spaces

Bare areas in bedrooms and hallways can make parts of your home seem a little barren and forgotten. Fill your empty spaces with mirrors to give your home the decorative touch it needs to be bright, cheerful, and beautiful for buyers. A large, attractive mirror with a decorative frame is easy to install the day before taking pictures for the listing. 
If creativity is important to you, install many mismatched mirrors in the bare areas of your home. Mismatched mirrors create visual interest and also add to a casual artistic quality that many home buyers appreciate.  

Add Luxury to the Bathroom

Bathrooms need at least one mirror to be functional. Adding extra mirrors makes the bathroom seem luxurious. When you're installing a bathroom mirror, favor the decorative mirrors over the extra functional mirrors. Look for options that have attractive (but moisture-resistant) frames. This makes the space more beautiful and less utilitarian. 
If one wall of your bathroom sits empty, fill it with a floor-length mirror. These tall mirrors make the bathroom look slightly larger. 
If you're set on installing a mirror that is both utilitarian and attractive, look for a back-lit product that bathes you in flattering light. Back-lit mirrors are fun for you to use while you still live in the home, and your home buyers will enjoy looking in the new mirror too. 

Create a Sparkle, Glow, and Warmth

Mirrors help fill a room with light. Make the rooms of your home look warmer and more welcoming by installing mirrors opposite light sources like fireplaces and windows. However, don't do this in the bedroom where reflected light can disrupt sleep patterns and make the room less functional. 
In dark rooms, install mirrors behind electric or battery-powered candles, and burn the candles when buyers come to visit. Doing this distracts buyers from the natural darkness of the room and creates a comforting atmosphere that buyers often appreciate. 
In a dark kitchen, use mirrored backsplash tiles to bounce light around the room and create a festive atmosphere. Turn on lights in the kitchen before home showings to draw attention to your unique and charming backsplash.  

Add a Splash of Color

Install mirrors with colorful frames to add a splash of color to your home. Sometimes mirrors with colorful frames can be hard to find, but you can solve this problem by having a mirror custom-made for your home. 
Have more questions about how you can make your home more attractive to buyers using mirrors? Contact Pacific Glass & Mirror, Inc. We're happy to answer your questions.