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Combine a Glass Enclosure and Surround for a Stunning Walk-In Shower

Bathroom With Glass Shower Enclosure

The bathroom, like the kitchen, is a space where you spend time and money for upgrades. Unlike the kitchen, the master bathroom is a private space - perhaps a room that's viewed by family members only.

You may be tempted to make your master bathroom a strictly utilitarian room. However, it does tell the tale of how you choose to make your home comfortable and stylish. Since the shower is a central point of your bathroom, start there with a stunning design.

Minimalist Design

When "less is more" is your mantra, you want to take a minimalist approach to your shower stall design. A walk-in shower doesn't have to be showy to be stunning.

To that end, you'll start with a simple surround. You may opt for opulence with marble, or you may stick with classic subway tiles. You could choose a colored surround, preferably monochromatic. All-over beige would be chic, though you could pick any color. However, you could also pick austere white for the most minimalist effect.

Such a surround calls for a frameless glass enclosure. The configuration of the enclosure depends on the amount of space you have. If you have enough room, consider a doorless entry, essentially a single glass panel which protects the rest of the bathroom from shower spray. However, a full-glass enclosure will work as long as you keep the fixtures minimal.

Textured Tile

If a monochromatic shower stall feels a little too austere for your bathroom, consider tile work that offers more texture. In this case, you'll still want a frameless glass enclosure because you want the focus to be on the tile work alone.

One option is mosaic tile. The contractors choose a selection of small tiles in a target color scheme and create a pattern or even pictures. You can have the mosaic tile installed as a medallion in the center of plain tile, or you could have the whole stall tiled in mosaic.

Another option is glass tile, which shimmers even when dry. Like mosaic, glass tiles are usually smaller. You often see them used as a border or a band across the center of simpler tile. However, you can have the whole stall tiled with the glittering glass.

Naturalistic Shower

Some homeowners want their bathroom to convey a naturalistic appeal by echoing the outdoors. To that end, they choose organic colors such as natural blues, grays, and browns. For such a bathroom, you could consider a natural stone surround.

Natural stone stalls function similarly to tile work. However, instead of manufactured tiles, the fabricators make thin cuts of rocks. The contractors then install them as tiles. A frameless enclosure works well with this style, too. If you want a framed enclosure, consider one with copper framework to echo browns within the stone work.

The shower floor is an area you may want to customize. Rather than a standard shower pan, consider a custom floor made out of pebbled aggregate. Such a floor will further the organic appeal of your shower.

Framed Enclosure and Subway Tiles

A cohesive shower design should see the enclosure and surround working together. For a modern aesthetic, you could echo shapes within both.

So, for this design, you'll choose subway tiles. Colored tiles will offer a subtle effect. However, consider enhancing the geometry of your installation with white subway tiles grouted in a darker shade such as charcoal.

For the enclosure, you'll actually want framed glass. In this case, consider black metal framing - you could even opt for multiple panes. However, if you want a subtle look to go with your colored tiles, one of the softer colors of metal is ideal.

Make your shower surround and glass enclosure work together for a gorgeous centerpiece to your master bathroom. Consult with Pacific Glass & Mirror Inc. for designs and the glass to make your vision a reality.